About Us

BBFORN is a reputed company.

It is a company of young & mature Team of one family. It means there are very rare chances of disputes between the directors, One of the partner is a young, energetic, having full knowledge of the tastes, the needs, the likes, the dislikes, the hobbies etc. of the modern youth. Hence there is a full representation of the younger generation in the functioning of the BBFORN. Any decision which will be taken, will not be against the wishes of the modern youth which is the backbone of our society these days and for which the plan of the BBFORN has been designed. With this plan every possible effort has been made available to cope with the difficulties, problems and hardships of the younger generations which they are facing now a days.
Strategy Planning
Networking Analysis
The other one partner is a matured one who has a vast experience and knowledge about the MLM and banking industries. So you can imagine that nothing will happen wrong with the functioning of BBFORN in the future in the hands of a person who has seen so many ups and downs in the life. Hence it is 100% sure that no decision will be taken in a hurry without considering the pros and cons of the upcoming decisions/changes if so happens
He is fully aware of the events which are happening or have happened in the MLM industry during the present and the past. All those happenings have broken the backbone of the networkers. Now days many of the people does not like the networkers due to failures or closures of so many networking companies in the field of MLM whether dealing with investments or the direct selling’s.
The face value of many of the workers have been spoiled by these fake companies having ponzi schemes. Many of the companies launched in the past showed big dreams to the associates, workers, clients, customers, and investors, but those dreams could not be converted into reality due to so many reasons like disputes in the partners, unwanted and extraordinary expanses on seminars, mega openings, national and international tours, commitments of big ROIs (return on investments), declaration of high royalties and rewards, mismanagement, non following the rules and instructions of the governments. Due to all these reasons all the concerned/ related persons i.e. workers, associates, clients, customers, investors, were left in distress. Big dreams were shown to every body which ultimately were not fulfilled except of a few ones (Merely 2-3%).
Shattering of dreams means destruction of lives but there are some examplary good companies in the field of direct sellings and investments which are doing very well and earning the blessings of the masses by providing them a better living style and the employment to earn their livelihood.
BBFORN has come into existence by shunning all these fake promises to the associates and customers/clients. All the associates will be kept free of the liabilities as the product of the same value will be given or delivered/ sold on MRP to the concerned associate and customers/clients with pakka bill with GST.


100% loyalty and transparency towards our associates, clients, consumers, governments, society, humanity and the whole universe.



To eradicate the poverty throughout the whole world by adopting a system of sharing the profit earned by selling the goods, products and the services to the needy people of the Universe.

Our Bank Details

A/C Number : 17071132000448
Bank Name : Oriental Bank of Commerce
Branch : Mansa Link Road
IFSC Code : ORBC0101707
MICR Code : 151022053